About Us

If what they say is true about a breakdown being a setup for a breakthrough, Coach Cheryl Thacker was in for a truly life-altering experience. A mom to three active boys, she had burned both ends of the candle and watched it melt into an unrecognizable mound of wax.

Her corporate job had taken a toll on her health, her sanity, and her overall well-being. Working more than fifty hours per week at a job that was less than satisfying, she found herself still struggling to make ends meet and enjoy the life she wanted for herself and her family. After a 9-month emergency leave of absence from work, she emerged from the fog she had been living in and realized she was more than a hundred pounds overweight and in dire need of a new lease on life.

With help from God, her family, her church, and her doctors, Cheryl recovered. She lost the weight, reversed the diabetes, and made a bold commitment to help others avoid the trap she had fallen into. What better motivation for becoming a Certified Wellness Coach and founding her nonprofit Recovery Nation, helping struggling workaholics overcome all types of addiction using Health Based Recovery (HBR) Model.

From a contract position as the training director and instructor for a coaching school, she later expanded to helping coaches and entrepreneurs develop and grow their practice so they can define their business, reach their credentialing goals through ICF or BCC, and create their best life.

Known affectionately as Coach Cheryl, she knows what it’s like to struggle, and she also knows the joys of success. “Success is found by discovering your greatest self,” she tells her clients. And it all starts with you.

Coach Cheryl meets people where they are to help them get where they want to be. For more than ten years, she has coached her clients to take structured actions to create and scale their business. She guides them to explore their emotional intelligence so they can grow personally and professionally.

She holds several certifications, including Professional Certified Coach (through ICF), Board Certified Coach, Master Certified Coach, Certified Mentor Coach, Certified Mentor Coach, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, among others.

For more than ten years, Coach Cheryl Thacker has applied the concepts of emotional intelligence to coaching entrepreneurs and other coaches. With a fresh approach, she helps clients take structured actions to define and scale their business, and grow personally and professionally. She holds more than a dozen coaching certifications, and has served as facilitator and round table host for the 2017 WBECS Pre-Summit.